Tis the season for fancy dress and far too much drinking

The christmas party was last Wednesday and much merriment was had. It was 1920’s themed so there was flappers galore. I (Tasha) made the mistake of wearing the most heavily beaded, noisy number known to man, so every flapper in sight was hooked on me…literally. Steve went as Don Vito Corleone with a fat suit and a dodgy tash so spent a lot of time sweating in the corner and looking generally greasy. His enthusiasm at the canapes as he insisted on standing next to the kitchen only added to the look. Jen also went as a flapper and wore shoes that were so high, they made here calf muscles look like they belonged the to arms of the honorable governer of California, Arnold Swarzenegger (sorry for the spelling). All in all it was an excellent party and the hard work that Rupi and Co did, really paid off. Didn’t they do well. 🙂

From grace to disgrace. I went to another fancy dress party on Saturday as a rastafarian and everyone kept avoiding me…not that rastas are disgraceful or anything, I just looked disgraceful. I think it was because i looked like one of those strange he/shes that you see running around the Harajuku district in Tokyo or maybe because I made a point of just hanging around in peoples photos looking wierd. Thankfully I got my friends back when I reverted to my normal clothes.


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