IPA Foundation Certificate

A word to the wise: this exam is undoubtably a useful introduction to Account Management, indeed to the whole industry, but the material is much more extensive than we expected. The online learning takes ages. What IPA representatives meant in our Stage One meetings by “Oh just do it one weekend in your spare time, it doesn’t take long” was “It will take every last minute of your last weeekend before the exam.”

The exam itself isn’t like the ones most students are used to. The multiple choice bit is a lot like the driving theory test: some really easy and obvious ‘odd one out’ questions (You’re approaching a red light, do you a. speed up or b. slow down?), some factual learning ones (like the stopping distances ones) and some that take ages to decipher what on earth they mean. The open question section requires a good memory as they relate directly to material from the learning. Bullet point repetition of the information in the ‘syllabus’ seems the best approach to this. I know my answers weren’t exactly stylish and structured…


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