Bottled it


Some interesting packaging designs I found a few days a go. Both are for alcoholic drinks, and both slightly deceive the consumer: engineering a slight double-check since the packaging does not immediately fit the product category.

We have Anthony’s Super wine, designed to look like a small barrel of engine or cooking oil, and a premium Double Cross vodka whose slick and uniform edges give the feel of a sense of high-end fragrance.

Personally, I really like the vodka bottle. It really matches the sort of clever and classy brand image the vodka brand aims for.


It’s a sort of packaging equivalent of the old as clear as your conscience Smirnoff ads, whose personality was founded on an intelligent and slightly devious charm. This takes the same idea and uses it to garner in-store stand out – a consideration the brand wouldn’t necessarily otherwise have won.

As for the oil wine. I like the idea, but, given that consumers still tend to regard boxed and screw-top wine as lower end, despite being more reliable ways of preserving wine, I’m not sure this will gain anything other than a second, curious glance.


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