Shelter from the storm

Beautiful art direction, haunting soundtrack and hard-hitting copy. This is really good work from the Leo Burnett / Shelter team.

Working for charity donations in a recession is extraordinarily tough, but hopefully this ad will cut through. It’s gained loads of PR, essential given dependency on free media space and free time given by those involved in creating the ad.

Some of this extra PR has been garnered from the stroy around the ad, rather than the execution itself (which, I repeat, I think is excellent): there was plenty of music press column inches devoted to Radiohead’s involvement. They donated their track, ‘Videotape’, and fully endorsed the campaign to help the homeless.

This was the first use of one of their songs in a UK ad as they are notoriously anti-commercial – indeed, they offered out their last album at a discretionary price. Interestingly, there’s a track from the same album called ‘House of Cards’, but ‘Videotape’ was considered more fitting.

The voice over, too, has a story. Actress, Samantha Morton (Minority Report, amongst other things) was once homeless herself. Credit, here again, to the dedication of those involved. Add this to an execution intriguing enough to clock up 9,000 YoutTube views on just the one version below, and fingers crossed you’ve got a campaign that works.


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