The Leo Burnett 2010 Graduate Recruitment Program is open! Exciting news for the current grads – it’s nice being the new guys, but now that we’ve been here a year, we’re keen to help bring in the next generation… It also means we see our own faces on the Grad section of the agency website, alongside some choice quotes (it really isn’t possible to write about yourself and sound cool.)


So we’ve been involved in setting up the scheme, which has a jealousy-inducing amount of variety in terms of time working with all the different departments and activities within the Leo Burnett Group. We’ve had plenty of contact with them all, but this has now been formalised into a genuinely integrated training program.


Our role, however, is most likely as go-betweens. We’re the ones in the agency who were most recently applicants. With that in mind, I thought I’d throw together a few links, some or all of which might help a hopeful applicant:


Campaign magazine, and Brand Republic
Adgrads – “Getting you into advertising”
A blog looking at interesting digital work
A blog by the Strategy team at OMD from a presentation to the IPA 1 group last year
Another blog from our IPA sessions, this time from John Wilshere at PHD
One way of answering some of the interesting questions on grad application forms

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