Cocoa loco

The Cadbury Glass and a Half Full campaign takes an interesting twist. The TV ad is certainly upbeat and joyful, and it’s also eye-catching (there’s a big floating head, plenty of colour, rhythm and action.)

It develops nicely from previous work, yet communicates new news. Building on Gorilla and Trucks, in which the music plays a crucial part, Cadbury have released a single on iTunes with a full-length video on behalf of ‘Glass and a Half Full Records.’ It’s written and performed by a Ghanaian artist, so it ties the Fair Trade news to an element of Dairy Milk brand equity – and proceeds go to development charity CARE. The video has been cut to a 30’ TV spot.

The print and outdoor work accompanying the ‘Zingolo’ Dairy Milk music track and video feels slightly patronising, with staccato English and dancing smiley cartoon cocoa beans. A commitment to Fair Trade is admirable, but where the TV copy looks and feels like today’s Africa, the print relies on African stereotypes and this slightly undermines the respect Fair Trade is supposed to show towards African Cocoa growers.


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