Hello …

It’s been a little over two weeks in the house that Leo built and we, the grads of 2010, have decided to say hello. You must have noticed us; we are fresh faced, jittery and sit in a protective huddle in the canteen beside the free water. However, we feel the time is nigh to shake off our social shackles and make some new friends in the playground.

This blog was started and maintained by last year’s grads, who have each done their bit to help us settle in; we will try our best to carry on their great work by contributing our very own Burnetters’ Tales. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the agency who has been involved with the recruitment process this year and who continue to put lots of time and effort into our very comprehensive training. So thank you.

Anyway, many of you have met us, but for those of you who haven’t, here are some very brief introductions…

Jonathan Drennan (23) is from Belfast and worked as a journalist before Leo. He worked in Ireland, England and South Africa and out scooped his competitors with lead features on the ethical difficulties behind eating Christmas turkeys and a parrot who phoned the police and had a chat.

Richard Galt (24) is from High Wycombe and worked as an English Teacher in Japan for a year. On his way back he travelled through Russia and sported a handlebar moustache and a lime green all in one fake Adidas track suit to fit in. It seemed to work.

Charlie Kirkbride (23) is a history graduate from York University. Also the sad owner of an adidas onesie (acid pink) – she’s the idiot who willingly trapped herself in a bin, in order to get a job at Leo’s….

Jess Farahar (21) is the baby and second immigrant of the group. Joining Leo Burnett fresh from university and the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia, Jess is learning to love grey skies, and is excited to make the move into advertising after two years in PR.

Rachel Woolley (26) was a translator and an English teacher in a former life. She likes sunshine, coffee, the seaside and scarves. She doesn’t like grey, aimless travellers, butternut squash soup or musky perfume.

Elise Norman (24) has joined Leo in a desperate attempt to reclaim her soul after spending two years as an investment banker. She is particularly fond of her vinyl, book and fancy-dress collection, and her hero is Willy Wonka.

We hope you enjoy our musings, thoughts and tales on the blog, and we look forward to meeting you over the next year.


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