More over TOTP …

Whilst mindlessly prancing around the internet a few weeks ago – I found this gem of a site. A music aggregation website; ‘We are Hunted’ tracks the 99 most popular songs in the world online each day. Abandoning traditional and much loved chart measuring methods, the cool kids at ‘We are Hunted’ measure song popularity on blogs, social networks, forums, Spotify, MySpace, YouTube etc. They don’t even count digital downloads, instead they ‘detect sentiment, expression and advocacy.’

Monitoring online chatter they move songs and artists around according to levels of positive and negative web babble. Upon first glance most of the featured artists will ring no bells, but within a few weeks you’ll be surprised to see how many make their way on the ‘popular’ music charts.

Accessing musical trends weeks before the traditional charts, ‘We are Hunted’ provides the perfect example of how the web is changing the face of the music industry and the ever important role online interaction is playing in people’s perceptions of what’s hot and what’s not….for music, for fashion, for brands…


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