Human behaviour and technology

Ok, so, we are now in the aftermath of the crazy unveiling of the biggest technology product of, well, quite a while to be honest! The Ipad… It received a large amount of disappointment, but it always was going to. Apple maverns have such strong beliefs in their brand that they predict the impossible and get very disappointed when it doesn’t come and apple-ites are always going to criticise due to the almost religious zeal of Apple followers. However I think that we have got to the stage where the really exciting stuff is not the technology, but what it can do.

I think Apple have realised the power of changing Human Behaviour (shameless plug)… let me explain. With the Iphone, yes it was very pretty and yes it was the best screen out there, but what really changed with the Iphone was the development of the App store. This was invented as a small side project and was not thought to be hugely powerful. However when released it took over and created a completely new market, which Apple subsequently monopolise and are continuing to expand.

The App store completely changed the way people view technology. It democratised the production of programmes and crowd sourced the labour of choosing what is valuable and getting others to make it. They have implemented the perfect example of Google or Amazon’s success and the mantra of Web 2.0… provide a platform and let everyone else do the work while skimming a bit off for yourself. It is like building a digital mall and charging everyone else for selling their stuff – very clever as they have only to remain as a top of mind brand and thus people will come to their mall.

Why the hell am I wittering on about this you may ask! Well, I just wanted to talk a little bit about how the Ipad (although being very pretty, but not able to do lots of things that we would like) will still change Human Behaviour…

I really think that somewhere hidden behind the pretty, shiny exterior there is a very clever piece of Human Behaviour changing software. It is either the new book store (so we will rediscover reading for the next generation), or will be the future of gaming (although incredible the Iphone is too small to properly play games and this is a hugely expansive market with both the rise in family gaming and the rise in advergaming), or it will kill the laptop and bring back the desktop and everyone will have tablets… arguments have been proposed for each.

Either way what is interesting to me is that the technology is not important (at least for us mere marketers) what is important is the implications technology has on our behaviour and how it can not only do things quicker, but how it can actually change the way we act. Previously this has always been about allowing us to do what we always did but quicker or easier. But I think technology is getting to the stage where it is really allowing us to do things with a better experience and allowing us to further the behavioural habits that we were already pursuing but were limited.

The thing about the Ipad (I think) will be the re emergence of rich media magazines. The digitisation of music hugely increased accessibility to music and so although restricting the capital in the market it increased the volume of consumers engaging witht he music. This has to then be used in a different way to generate income.

I think that with the journalism industry rife with doubt as to its future, Steve Jobs has seen this as a huge opportunity and has planned the technology around the Human Behaviour. I think this is my long winded rambling point… that technology is being made around the idea of changing Human Behaviour rather than Human Behaviour fitting around Technology (as it used to)… maybe?!
Either way click here and watch this!


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