Sometimes the truth hurts

Everyone loves the highs and lows of a good list and the cinephiles at are as keenly aware of this as your next procrastination prone individual. As such, they have compiled a list of the films, which are, in their opinion, the “most dangerous” ever made. According to the authors of this particular list, each of these movies are “galvanizing experiences, [which]…rearrange your head, challenge your bedrock ideas about life” and prove to be unashamed, irrevocable “consciousness-expanders”. The collection provides a challenging and varied snapshot of cinematic history; from the brooding, claustrophobic and cerebrally destructive, to the visceral, violent and physically disruptive, it showcases the brutal power of cinema.


In at Number 21, David Lynch’s Eraserhead (1976) plunges the spectator into a blurred, suffocating and desperate world of hideous darkness and unbearable light, where fear, dread and the unknown somehow govern the chaos, which shapes the film.


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