Support Scent: How do you support someone who can’t see?

This campaign for the Guide Dog Association Australia, is not just a wonderfully executed example of an integrated campaign (it won SILVER in this years Titanium and Integrated Category at Cannes), but it is a heart-warming example of the ‘good’ that can come from a well considered communications strategy.

Clemenger BBDO put their target at the heart of the campaign asking, ‘How do you support someone who can’t see?’ Recognising that feelings of isolation are strong in people who are blind, BBDO and Guide Dogs Australia wanted to avoid adding to this sense of alienation.

Where ribbons and badges of support are an effective way to support charities like cancer research or the Red Cross, they are not necessarily a show of support for those who are unable to see them – begging the question, ‘How do you support someone who can’t see?’

In answer to this question, major cosmetic brand, Kit, developed a fragrance called Support Scent. Sold for just $5 a bottle, the scent was to become distinctive of someone showing support for blind people and the Guide Dog Association.

The campaign was a PR gem, and with support from traditional advertising and the online sphere, word of the fragrance (and the Guide Dog Assoc!) spread like wildfire. With a 33% increase in donations to Guide Dogs Australia, and a Silver Lion at Cannes, this is a campaign that ticks all the right boxes.


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