Fizzy Burlesque

In a bold move, Perrier have appointed Dita von Teese as the new face of their brand. From the 1st August artistic impressions of the burlesque star are set to adorn the labels of this leading sparkling water brand on limited edition “Paparazzi” cans and bottles.
However the interactive website developed to accompany this limited edition packaging forms the key focus of this post! Also featuring Von Teese, is risque, innovative and most importantly a beautifully crafted site which draws the user in to Von Teese’s seductive world.
Already a huge hit in the office (particularly with the boys) the site is intelligent and entertaining, whilst Dita’s mix of sensuality and style make her an attractive figure to both men and women. Most importantly the site engages you with the Perrier brand without making you want to scream stop advertising at me. Only thing I will say – having seen Dita writhing around in a human sized champagne glass, nipple tassles a-whirling, watching her pour Perrier over herself could seem rather tame…

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