Yet another introduction

My name is Rachel. I am currently working as an Account Handling trainee. The Leo Burnett grad training scheme lasts for 15 months and comprises of three months initial training, followed by three placements on three different accounts (two three month long secondments and one six month placement). I completed my first three month placement within Atelier, the luxury segment of the Leo Burnett Group; primarily, I worked on pieces of business with a digital focus. My second placement has been in Arc, the below the line division of Leo Burnett. The past few months with Arc have included a wide variety of experience across retail accounts, FMCG products and beauty and haircare business. The grad scheme at Leo Burnett gives a fantastic insight into all the various different complex workings of an advertising agency (below, above and through that proverbial line) and has allowed each of us to experience first hand the different specialisms of the agency and their respective pieces of business.


Prior to joining Leo Burnett, I worked in Barcelona as a translator. I adore good coffee, hot sunshine and lazy Sundays. I dislike rudeness, dishonesty and people who don’t enjoy reading.


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