A little bit about little me

Hey, I’m Elise and I’m currently working as a Grad Trainee on the McDonald’s account. After a whirlwind eight months here I’m proud to say that I’m having a fantastic time and am excited about what the future holds here at Leo Burnett.

I had quite an unconventional entrance in the world of advertising…this time last year I had just quit a two and a half year career in investment banking. It certainly wasn’t a decision I took lightly (especially when I realised just how accustomed to spending money I’d become after my three years of beans on toast at Cambridge), but now I’m really glad I took the step into the great unknown…

Well, not quite into the great unknown. After spending a not insignificant amount of time covering myself and most of my flat in paint, spray mount glue and tiny pieces of paper (most of which are probably still there now), I was lucky enough to secure a place on the Watford postgrad advertising course.

The course was a great introduction to advertising…even the daily three hour commute didn’t put me off…and almost as soon as we’d started we were up to our ears in applications forms and the like. Wow those things take a long time! I definitely made quite an art of submitting my application so close to the deadline that I’d spend the next few days with very crossed fingers hoping that it had actually got there on time.

Luckily though the hard work paid off and before I knew it I was chatting to everyone in the Leo Burnett bar (correction: one of the Leo Burnett bars) at the end of the assessment day. Although it had passed in a breeze and I wasn’t entirely sure what had just happened in the preceding 7 hours, one thing I was certain of was that Leo’s was the place for me – the people were amazing, the clients and work produced were world class, the atmosphere was electric and the agency philosophy was the most compelling I’d encountered.

I was overjoyed (though slightly shocked) to receive an offer, and even happier to discover that Leo’s was everything I expected and more! It’s certainly no coincidence that we were one of only two advertising and media agencies to make it onto the 2010 Sunday Times Top 100 ‘Best Companies to Work for’ list, and I’d encourage anyone considering advertising as a career to apply. Yes it is competitive, but as you can see from the other grad profiles, we’ve all come from completely different backgrounds, and none of us expected to be chosen. So to finish – please don’t be disheartened by what can sometimes seem an impossible industry to crack – perseverance definitely pays!

Good luck folks!


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