This week in a life of one of us …

This week I have been mostly …

Sorry, I have always wanted to say that. This video is for Charlie whose poor childhood was deprived of the gold that was the Fast Show – my all time favourite comedy show. If you haven’t seen it, it will make you a better person. Jonny – I know it will irritate you, it is ok to admit you don’t understand something.

Anyway I am supposed to be talking about a week in the life of me. So I will get on with it.

This week I have been mostly working on three things… I am working on my placement for Dewar’s a whisky brand. I have been collating all sorts of information on the behaviour of 25-35 year olds in China, Russia, US and Spain. We are going to present this to them in a week and we need to carve out a narrative from the really cool resources we have (cool if you are a bit of a geek). We have been using GFK which is a massive lifestyle survey done by people all over the world and allows you to get some really exciting insights into what they do. So along with pulling that data into graphs and taking insights from it, we are doing other research from online to fill it out. It is fascinating if you enjoy learning about behaviours in different communities, particularly around Social Media and Technology.

This week I have also been working on a presentation for Tesco’s. We do a lot of work for Tesco’s through our experiential department. They are called Lime and put on exciting events and promotions all over the country. For them I have been helping out on a presentation on the future of in store shopping relating to emerging digital technologies. This is proving really interesting because I am fascinated by mobile technologies and how they will change shopping and everything we do really.

Lastly I have been working on a pitch – very very exciting, that I am afraid I am not allowed to say one word about!

Along with those things have been ticking over with Community Mark a charity that I work on with Rachel – we are just finsihing off a video for them. I have also been working with the other grads on rebranding the philanthropic side to the agency. Not sure what we should call it yet but all will be revealed in time!

In general a very busy week, but a good one too, a few late nights and early mornings but worth it.



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