Job roles

A quick Google search proved that information and descriptions of job roles within the advertising industry was difficult to find, so we thought we might focus a blog post on the topic.
Job roles in the ad industry are vast and varied. The Leo Burnett Grad Training Scheme offers placements in both Account Handling and Planning, but the roles within our building span far beyond these two positions. There are Creatives, Designers, Traffic Managers, Production Managers, Finance Managers, TV producers, and Art Buyers to name just a few. But what does each of these roles entail? We’ll start with Account Handling and Planning, as these are probably of most relevance for you future Grads at this point in time! Stay tuned for more job descriptions as the weeks go on….

Account Handling:
Put simply, the role of the account handler is to be the voice of the client to the agency, and the voice of the agency to the client. It is the Account Handler who liaises between all parties involved in a campaign – client, creatives, production managers, finance managers etc.
THE COG IN THE WHEEL: Given that Account Handlers are responsible and accountable for everything on their accounts, they are often referred to as the ‘cog’ in the middle of the wheel.
Account Handlers are involved in every aspect of a creative campaign, so they need to have an understanding and appreciation for all elements of the creative process. Account Handling responsibilities are traditionally client focused, however, the best account handlers not only understand their client’s needs, but have a deep understanding of the creative process. It is said, a good Account Handler can wear many different hats within a day!
Account Handlers should be good communicators, organised and have a high attention to detail. They are responsible for everything from finance, to project timings, to ensuring everyone on the team is informed of project status.
You will find out more about the role of Account Handling, and the day-to-day responsibilities of an Account Executive in our ‘Week in the life of…’ posts, which give you an overview of what each of us grads get up to everyday in the offices of Leo Burnett!

The different positions within Account Handling (from entry level):

Account Executive
Account Manager
Senior Account Manager
Account Director
Board Account Director
Client Services Director


The brains behind a campaign idea, it is the planners who are responsible for developing advertising strategy. Planners research a client brief extensively, looking into anything from the client’s market, to their target audience, and any relevant social or economic trends. The planner then identifies a communications problem and solution and writes a creative brief around this.
The planners are then responsible for briefing the creative team. It is the planners who explain the communications problem and strategy to the creatives, and it is the planners who excite and inspire the creatives around a brief. The planners are heavily involved in the creative process from this point on, continually informing the process with strategic advice. It is the Planners role to ensure that the end creative product answers the client brief.

Leo Burnett has a great Planning Department and is one of the few agencies that offer a Planning Training programme.

See Richard’s post last week for a more detailed explanation of the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of a Junior Planner.


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