Truly inspiring?

Introduction to OpenIDEO / from IDEO on Vimeo.

In a world of disasters, crises, problems and questions; solutions are often pretty thin on the ground.
But OpenIDEO wants to change all that by using… wait for it…. yes, you’re not wrong, the awesome power of the internet.
Durkheim noted, that society is greater than the sum of its parts, with that in mind, those behind the OpenIDEO initiative are convinced that together we can solve problems or “The Big Questions” that have puzzled us for eons, or indeed, those that are brand new urgent issues. They have ratified, formalised and pinned down the creative process, making this a thought provoking social project and an interesting take on human creativity. If OpenIDEO achieves what it has (ambitiously) set out to, then the repercussions could be widely felt…

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