Application tips continued

Hey guys, so the applications are open and I am sure you are all mulling over how best to answer the questions while showing that you are different and interesting. I remember how tough it is.

There is such a fine line between being remembered for being different or being remembered for being weird. There is also such a fine line between just answering the questions in a text book way and answering them correctly.

The answer is there is no correct way to answer Advertising Grad Schemes application questions. They are specifically designed to prompt you to be yourself, show a little bit about what goes on upstairs. Don’t worry about there being a correct answer, correct is what best reflects you.

The best advice I think I can give is don’t leave it to the last minute. Start early, even if it is just throwing everything down and then reworking and reworking, you will get a better result. I left one to the very last minute (literally 11.59 that evening) and ended up putting in a very embarassing photo because I had not thought it through. I got an interview, but I think they just wanted to meet me for a laugh after seeing the photo. I obviously did not get the job or a second interview.

Also I would say don’t force yourself to be wacky… it is so see through when people push themselves to act unlike they normally do and when it comes to the interview you will feel like you are being someone you are not. I heard of one story where someone dressed up as a witch and demanded to see the Creative Director of said agency. She had walked into recpetion with a big green nose and cape and cackled as she demanded his attention. She obviously got their attention and got time with the big guy himself, but as soon as they sat down to be serious about her work, he could not take her seriously at all as she was painted green.

Don’t be scared to be different or have a strange opinion, just don’t force yourself to have for the sake of it. The answer is to be yourself, but in a memorable way. You want the person reading the application to remember you when they go for coffee later (but for a good reason). Some of the best stuff I have heard of were poems or photographs for answers, but make sure it works!

So, start early, be yourself and remember to stand out for the right reasons.

Good luck and hopefully see you at the interview stages!



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