Inspirational stuff


Happy Monday everyone.
For Inspirational Stuff this week I am not going for the usual pointless amusing video, instead I thought I would put up my favourite two blog posts on advertising…
The first one is from the Ad Contrarian – a great blog by Bob Hoffman, ceo of Hoffman/Lewis advertising in San Francisco and St. Louis. Bob is former ceo of MOJO USA and ex-president and creative director of Allen & Dorward. This post is brilliant, it really explains the many conversations I have had since starting in advertising of trying to persuade people what it is we do, but it also shines a great light on the fact that we love jargon a little bit too much sometimes. I recently was in the car with my mum for half an hour and she said “ok… finally I want you to explain what it is that you actually DO, you have half an hour… Go!” I tried my best but I am sure she was even more confused when we got out of the car than when we started.


The next post is by Paul Feldwick. An absolute genius who seems to understand advertising better than anyone I have heard. The other Grads and myself had the pleasure of seeing him speak in a debate through the IPA. The contestants had to argue why their campaign was the most successful. It was a knockout tournament and one of the final stages he got up and put no argument to the floor other than singing the theme tune to the campaign. He had most of the audience singing it with him and of course went on to win the title.


I hope you enjoy.

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