What we love about our jobs

It’s Friday afternoon, the weekend is nearing, and we’re all feeling considerably cheery, so what better time to write a blog about all the things we love about our job! This is not a desperate attempt to sugar coat being a grad at Leo Burnett in all things sweet and lovely, no, we will be realistic, and will admit that there are some not-so-good parts about our jobs too – in fact, I think we plan on dedicating an entire post purely to the subject (we will probably write that particular blog on a Monday morning!). But being a grad at Leos does come with a lot of great things, and this Friday afternoon we thought it might be nice to revel in a few of these.


In a word, I think the thing we love most about our jobs is the OPPORTUNITY they present us with. This opportunity has manifested itself in many different ways over the course of the year, whether it be industry training, personal training, social activities, sporting opportunities; the list is endless.


Shall I start at the beginning? Our first three months in the Leo Burnett building were a constant stream of presentations, training days and workshops. Not only did we get the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the greatest minds and talents in the building, but we got the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the greatest minds and talents in the industry! We spent three months learning how Leo Burnett runs as a company, learning about all the internal processes, learning about current industry trends, we had every opportunity, to learn anything we could possible need to know about the industry and our jobs-to-be.


And you, potential Leo Burnett Grad of 2011, will be happy to hear that the opportunity to learn and further our knowledge and understanding of the industry did not finish in our first three month. The very structure of the Grad Programme means that our learning continues over the entire year. We each work on three different accounts from different departments within the agency – meaning that we are constantly learning new brands, new process and new ways to work. In addition to this, we have a brilliant in-house trainer, Louise Wall, who has continued to coach us in how to be the best we can possibly be in our jobs, with courses varying from Presentation Skills, to quite literally, ‘How to Be a Good Account Exec’! A massive Digital Training Scheme for the entire group was launched just this week, with training continuing to run over the next few months. And emails are regularly sent to the LB Group, inviting us to industry-relevant debates, talks and workshops, many of which are run by the IPA themselves.


I know what you’re all thinking, this all sounds well and good, but it is all very serious, very ‘academic’, but never fear, Leo Burnett also have the extra-curricular opportunities covered. The opportunity to become involved in extra-curricular activities is wide and varied – and be prepared potential grad – you will be involved in many, if not ALL of these events! Just to give you an indication of the type of extra-curricular activities that I’m talking about, I’ll list the activities and events that we, as a grad group, have been involved in since we arrived here in January – I think this will provide you with a fairly comprehensive overview of just how much opportunity Leo Burnett can offer you!

Members of The Core Feelgood Committee, Members of The Core Drinks Committee, Members of Leo Burnett Softball Team – the Pencils, Members of Leo Burnett Netball Team, Members of Leo Burnett Rugby Team, Members of Leo Burnett Football Club, Members of Leo Burnett Meat Club, Each of us participated in the Marketing Industry triathlon event, Ran in the NABS 5km run in Regent’s Park, Members of the organising committee for the NABS Quiz, Members of Leo Love…

And that’s just to name a few!


The Leo Burnett Graduate Programme is designed to present us with the best opportunity to learn as much about the industry, the opportunity to be as good at our jobs as we can be, and the opportunity to get as involved in agency life as much as possible. We have loved having the opportunity to both learn and have fun in the workplace, and would recommend you too jump at the opportunity to get involved! Don’t forget, only one more week until applications are due!!! Good Luck!

Jess x


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