Inspirational stuff

Ok so a bit of a random Inspirational Stuff video for today, but it has relevance…

Us grads and a few other lucky Account Execs have just been given our exciting grad pitch to work on. Two competing teams are working on a real client’s genuine business problem for a month. We will present our solutions back to the client, our ExCo (the big cheeses), and a few of the top Creatives after lots of hard work. We are getting to work with Creative teams and fully execute it as a real life pitch. It is such a great opportunity for us to learn and show everyone in the agency what we can do. All I can say is where else do you get those opportunities???!

I cannot mention the subject of the pitch, but all I can do is give you this as an interesting leaving point.

I hope all the applications are coming along well – remember not long at all now!

Best of luck



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