The NABS quiz night…

One of the many highlights of life at Leo Burnett is the social side of things. Everyone here works incredibly hard, but we all know how to play hard too…and the NABS Quiz is a perfect example of this ability to ‘play!’

The ‘NABS Quiz’ is an annual event where Leo Burnett raise money for the NABS organisation. NABS is an organisation providing information, support and advice for the Advertising industry. Check them out at

The night came as welcome relief to us grads after our last two weeks of pitch madness, and with the Quiz’s infamous reputation for fun and debauchery, we were very much looking forward to it. We won’t share all the secrets of the night, but we can assure you, it did live up to its reputation!

The drinking and silliness aside, the quiz night is a good reflection of the sense of community here at Leo Burnett. A committee from within the agency did a great job at pulling together the night. Dan Bevis the cultural genius from our Knowledge Centre created an interesting and enjoyable quiz that left many of us scratching our heads. Paul Lawson, our MD, held fort as MC for the evening. Tim Harvey, Account Manager and LB’s representative on the NABS Committee did a brilliant job at organising the entire evening. And a host of others from across the company helped ferry quiz sheets to markers, tallied scores, manned the bar, or expressed generosity in donating prizes to the auction.

All in all the night was a great success, with a nice sum in donations accumulated, and many-a-hangover nursed the next day!


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