Australia has a tendency to either get things very right, or very wrong. Vegemite, Peter Andre, Rolf Harris, those weird hats their lifeguards wear and Dr Karl Kennedy all fall into the latter category, but the Movember campaign is a complete piece of brilliance from down under.

It was conceived in 2003 over a few beers in Melbourne. A group of friends decided that they should try and raise money and awareness for prostate cancer research by growing ridiculous taches. By the next year, the craze had spread across the country and gone global, helping it to become the huge success it is today.

The strength of the campaign is that it has brilliantly tapped into the male psyche. It has made the fundraising competitive and organised people into teams to see who can get the most. It also gives us an excuse to wear a tache without fear of becoming a social pariah.

At Leo Burnett, a hardy bunch including myself have donated our faces to the cause. It represents a wide spectrum of people, account management, planners and creatives are represented in the quest as to who can look more like Tom Selleck. Amongst the grads, there has been a 100% turnout from Richard and I. The girls wisely elected to cheer from the sidelines. At the moment my tache is becoming what is known affectionately at home as “the Belfast barcode” favoured almost exclusively by chavs. It’s a look for the discerning gentleman and one I’m delighted to pull off for the rest of November.

If you want to donate to my tache please go here..!




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