Tips For The New Generation

A few final tips for this year’s lovely recruits and any other aspiring or newbie advertising graduates out there, courtesy of a Grandma Grad:

  • You can learn a huge amount simply by watching those around you (in a non stalkerish way.)
  • In your  first few months at an agency you will have some spare time! Use it wisely – read & learn about our lovely industry. It’s remarkable how quickly your days begin to fill; leaving you little to no time to read all those lovely articles, books, blogs and websites that glimmer seductively from behind your flickering email.
  • Face to Face is always better than Email to Email.
  • It’s better to get here early and have a few manically productive hours than stay late. In fact, be early for everything!
  • A smile and a cheerful disposition will take you a long way!
  • You may often feel an internal pressure to speak in meetings, to make your mark and show your ‘there’, but just keep in mind, it’s far better to say one or two  great/insightful things than to speak for the sake of it.
  • You will need to master an ‘I am paying attention and absorbing everything you are saying face’ for hangover days/Friday mornings.
  • Be as sociable as possible within the agency. Not only will you make friends but it will make your job easier as well.
  • If you don’t know something don’t be afraid to ask. People are always happy to help if they can.
  • If problems come your way, again don’t be afraid to seek the advice of others. At the same time, have a stab at finding an answer/alternative plan first. It’s always better to go to someone with a proactive solution.
  • Enjoy yourself. You will have worked bloody hard to get in to your agency and you deserve to enjoy it and get as much out of it as possible.

Charlie x


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