Our Best Experiences

Wow… A whole year has flown by. It has made us all pretty nostalgic actually. Most of the time we get a chance to get together (as we are about to in the pub) we chat about how much we have done and the good times. For the sake of not waffling on and boring you with our entire pub based conversations I will pick my five best experiences over the last year…

I am going to have to start off cheesy as they come…Number 1 – meeting five people who I know I will always stay in contact with. We have worked together through great times and tough times and have all come out of it so much stronger, particularly as a group. I will give you all a hug in the pub later for this I’m afraid! Also the first few months of agency bar nights. Everyone was really welcoming and so friendly to our naive innocence and gladly showed us the way…

Number 2 was when Rachel and I presented a project that we had worked on for a charity called CommunityMark to the entire agency. It was a really interesting project that was entrusted to us as a way to learn the process and despite having to ask for more money, we learnt loads and helped give birth to our first creative baby!

Thirdly was the “One Hundred Days” presentation and the Grad Pitch. We had the opportunity to present in front of the most important people in the agency (and hopefully impressed them). The feeling after doing both of those presentations was hugely satisfying and even overpowered our massive headaches for most of the next two days. When we heard that the Exco were keen to take on some of our ideas from the 100 days presentation into their future strategy for the company we were over the moon. And when we heard that the client from our grad pitch loved both presentations so much that they are actually going to put into place some of our ideas, we were over the moon!

Number four was the BFI pitch. To work with some of the most creatively awarded people in our industry on a small pitch and win was so much fun. We then got some free tickets and to see our poster in the entrance to the BFI. A great, great feeling.

Lastly was the moment I could delete the “graduate” from my email sign off. We all became proper people finally and realised we had properly contributed to the agency not just tagged along pretending that we knew what we were doing.

I will run away now to drink with the others and reminisce further…

Happy belated new year everyone!




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