The New Grads…

So here we are, the fresh faces of the agency (with very big shoes to fill) now taking charge of the Leo Burnett Grad Blog, Twitter and Facebook. Here are some brief introductions…

Lorna Burt (21) After finishing her degree (Politics) and deciding being a politician looked really boring Lorna instead thought going on a three month extended holiday seemed like a better idea. So she did. Whilst eating her way around South America she conducted a fraught and forehead-full Skype interview, the result of which is this blog post.

Beth Watts (23) is a Geography graduate from Manchester University. After graduating she ventured off to Costa Rica for a few months to soak up some sun and do some voluntary work with Raleigh International. On returning home, after a brief stint in advertising and PR she realised the world of advertising was where she belonged.

Angus Maclay (22) Following a protracted flirtation with The Law, taking him to The Hague and back, Angus decided that protecting the ‘little guy’ wasn’t for him and that he would much rather try and sell them stuff instead (jokes) .

Formalities over with…I thought it would be good to start off the blog with an insight into our first few weeks at Leo’s, our expectations and what we’ve been up to.

Our first month has absolutely flown and has certainly exceeded all expectations. When applying for the Leo Burnett Grad Scheme it sounded the most thorough training programmes of all the agencies (most other agencies simply offering three months of intensive training and then straight onto your account after that). Thorough it has certainly proved. Since starting we’ve had a jam packed four weeks of meeting pretty much the whole of the Leo Burnett family, including lunch with The Exco; we’ve had introductions to every single account in the agency; we’ve had talks from Arc (brand activation), Lime (experiential), Leo Sports and the glamorous world of Atelier; we’ve had account management week and planning week and on top of all of that we’re preparing for our 100 Days presentation to The Exco, working on a client brief and cramming for the IPA exam which is coming up in a few weeks time. So a manic first four weeks, but an amazing manic first four weeks at that.

The other great thing that (I personally) think sets Leo Burnett apart from the rest, is the culture and the people. It’s very much high challenge, high support. We really couldn’t ask for anything more from our first few weeks of the Grad Scheme.

So there’s a very quick snippet of what we’ve been up to so far. More ramblings, musings and fun stuff to follow…

Beth x


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