Freshly Baked Blog Roll

One of the best things about the world of advertising is that it’s full of really interesting, intelligent people. People who have considered opinions, funny stories and good advice, and even better than all of that, they’re willing to share the wisdom. One of the reasons these people are as wise and wise-cracking as they are is because there are other equally fabulous people all over the world who are sharing their knowledge too.

Where is this wondrous library of life you ask? At your finger-tips I say, known as the blogosphere. And here we unveil Grad towers’ favourite blogs, and a freshly baked blog roll.


If this is a blog, what’s Christmas?

Quote unquote “endearingly belligerent”, frank, funny with lots of YouTube videos.


Always bang up-to-date, global (albeit with a slight US bias) and wittily observed.

Its Nice That

Nice things that make you feel clever.

Sell! Sell! Blog

From the agency of the same name, real good advice.

Dave Trott’s Blog

Current commentary with a ‘good old days’ twist.

Cool Hunting

Great art, design and technology (in any form) from around the world.

Cultural Fuel

From our kin over in Frankfurt; big ideas, manageable chunks.


Want to get into advertising? This is the bible; bringing light to the darkness of application forms.


From t-shirts to tech; amazing and entrepreneurial ideas globally.



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