Leo Burnett Summer School 2011

I have some very exciting news…the Leo Burnett Summer School 2011 has just launched! This is a great opportunity to get real hands-on experience of what life is like working at one of the top advertising agencies in the UK! The lucky few will get a real taste of life as an account manager or account planner here at Leos; they will be introduced to some of the most interesting people in the industry, interact with every department within the agency, work on a real account and be fully immersed in the day-to-day running of the agency. Not only will these lucky so-and-sos learn the lingo and get ad savvy, they will also get a true sense of Leo’s culture. They won’t be glued to the photocopier and most certainly won’t be making the tea!

Before finding a home here at Leo’s I managed to wangle a few weeks work experience at a couple of advertising agencies in London – before this I didn’t really know how the whole ad process actually worked (having studied Geography at Uni), let alone what account handlers and planners actually did. This invaluable insight into ad-land not only set me in good stead for getting on the Grad Scheme (having a clear idea of what the role you’re applying for in an interview always helps!) but also managed my expectations of what to expect from such a career. My expectations of working in advertising have certainly been met – and exceeded – on the Grad Scheme here at Leos. Even though I knew what to expect from already working in an agency, I didn’t expect to have such a high level of exposure to some of the most influential people in the ad industry; or the opportunity to learn everything about the industry as a whole, to understand how media agencies work and production houses and not just the goings-on of Leo Burnett; or the continual learning and development that goes on way beyond those initial three months of Grad training; or the level of responsibility we’ve been given on our accounts; or the opportunity to work on real pitches!

The Summer School internship is an amazing opportunity for you to get an insight into not only the work we do here at Leo Burnett and how the industry works as a whole, but for you to compare your own expectations of ad-land with the reality.

So get applying now (via our Facebook page) and best of luck with your applications!
– Beth


3 thoughts on “Leo Burnett Summer School 2011

  1. Tom says:


    The summer school sounds like a great opportunity and I am eager to apply. When do the applications open for this and what is the recruitment process?

    Many thanks,


    • The Foundry says:

      Hi Tom, the applications will open some time in the early summer – dates have yet to be confirmed but keep checking back here, and on Facebook.

      • Tom says:

        Hello, you probably don’t have a set date but would you class early summer as May/June time? I’m sorting out plans for my summer and would really like to do this however it’s potentially a long time until I can apply

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