Meet and Greet.

They came, they conquered (their first week).The summer schoolers have now sat through 5 days of intense inductions from important and wonderful people through-out the agency, relaying an exhaustive list of insightful questions. As they dive head-long in to 3 weeks of frenetic account-handling and planning let’s say a big hello with some brief introductions. 

Kate Kennedy: Studying drama at Trinity College Dublin. For her getting into the Summer School is a great chance to see what the real world is like away from pretending to be a tree.

James Bridges:  Just finished his penultimate year at Oxford studing Politics, Philosophy and Economics, before this week he didn’t know much about the different roles within an ad agency or whether it would be for him, but thinks they’ve had a great training week. He’s loving the culture, and looking forward to working on his account.

Jamal Raouf: Graduated in 2010 from Roehampton University having studied Management with Marketing. He’s been looking for a job since then, and damn its tough! A big cheers Leo Burnett for giving him an opportunity to figure out what he wants to do now.

Becca Watkins: Plannery type, social media addict, blogger (Confessions of an Ad Grad) and general geek. Excited to be getting stuck into her account after graduating last month from Bournemouth University, where she studied Advertising and Marketing Communications. 

Jamie Bolton: Graduated in French two years ago and took the rest of the year out to travel around South America. He made it to the final round of the Leo Burnett grad scheme applications last year and is very grateful to be experiencing a month of life at Leo Burnett on the Summer School. Obsessions include his DVD collection, MasterChef and Liverpool FC.


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