A Week In Pictures

In their own words, and of course pictures, the Summer Schoolers tell it like is; what they’ve learnt and what they’ve loved about their first week on accounts. 

Kate learnt that in order to be a success in the advertising field you need to wear lots of different hats to ensure you understand whats going on in all of the different departments within the agency. Or alternatively, you could just wear one very very big one?

Jamie is loving life on the Homebase account and has quickly become aware that the main challenge is less the need to produce ads on a regular basis, but more the need to listen to Peter Bjorn and John’s impossibly catchy whistling to do so. He is working as part of a great team and likes the artistic impressions of them as young folks (groan) that are printed on the record cover.




 Jamal has this week come to understand how much of a juggling act advertising is, short and sweet.





Becca has learnt that being told you ‘look like a tuna’ is a common Belgian insult (as illustrated in this slightly surreal ad for Dreft ). Unearthing random facts whilst endeavouring to become an expert in a particular market is one of the things she loves most about planning. 



James’ first week has taught him how much working in the advertising industry boils down to understand people, the challenges they face and what they value.


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