Applications to the Foundry 2012

Good afternoon all, and welcome to the new-look Graduate Blog.

Now that we’ve got this all up and running to accompany the Foundry application process, and before we launch in to writing articles, profiles, tips and all sorts of other things, we wanted to give a quick update on where we’re at with the scheme.

Following swiftly on from the closure of 2012 applications last week, we’re pleased to say we’ve finished reviewing all your applications and have been extremely impressed by the general standard. Thank you all for your answers – we had some difficult decisions to make.

We have moved straight on to informing everyone of the results of their applications, and you should all expect to hear either way before the end of the week. Please keep an eye on your inbox during this time – and, just in case, your trash tray, since we had some problems with emails diverting directly there last year.

Interviews are next week, the 15th and 16th November, so please be prompt with your responses. We’re very much looking forward to meeting those who made it through to this round.

To those that didn’t, please don’t be disheartened – there was great evidence across all the forms that the future of this industry will be in good hands. Keep trying, and we’ll definitely be seeing you somewhere along the line in years to come.

The Facebook and Twitter pages will keep updates coming, and we’ll be posting helpful content here as well. The ‘Kay Dates’ tab above also maps out the timeline so you can keep checking where we’re up to.

Warm regards,

The Foundry


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