Interviews…tips and tricks.

Interviews can be scary things, as you claw your way to the end hoping that sensible and grammatically correct sentences continue to fall unhindered from between your chattering teeth. A little melodramatic perhaps? But with our first round interviews coming up next week here are a few little hints from us Grads to remind you things don’t have to be as bad as all that.

1) Arrive with plenty of time. Yes it sounds simple, and yes it sounds like the sort of advice your mum gives you but you know what, mum always knows best. It’ll give you time to settle in and remember to breathe. Time to collect your thoughts, appreciate your surroundings and make sure your palms aren’t too sweaty for that all-important first handshake. There is nothing worse than being late – you’ll be stressed and your interviewer will be annoyed.

2) Be yourself. Up there with ‘make it your own’ and ‘give it 200%’ from Louis Walsh’s little book of advice. But seriously, as well as knowing that you’ll do the job well people want to know they will enjoy having you along for the ride. Just be your friendly, smart selves.

3) Be a geek/know your stuff. Look at the company website, familiarise yourself with their work, read some blogs, get to know the industry landscape.

4) Have an opinion. Don’t rant and rave, but have a considered opinion with valid reasoning. Think about your favourite advert or your favourite campaign, know which social media engagement pieces resonated and which didn’t, which experiential campaigns failed and why…

5) Enjoy it. (Wow, there’s some real gems in here.) Of course be professional, be polite and be prepared, but this isn’t meant to be some Apprentice-style ordeal. The interviewers want to enjoy themselves, and want to like you, they won’t be trying to trip you up or make you uncomfortable. Have an interesting debate, have a chat, have a laugh. Remember the more you enjoy it, the more they enjoy it, and the more they’ll want to work with you.

Good luck!


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