Account Management Training Week (catchy… no?)

Ah, the pressure of the first ‘weekly review’ post falls on me, after a particularly crafty piece of delegating and financial bribery by the other two. Sooo… our third week here in the agency was our account management training week (the first two weeks were introductions to Leo’s top dogs and all of the accounts). The week was packed full of talks from the best in the business on how to make us novices good little account men and women. It shattered my illusions that to be a good account person you have to be a Pete Campbell-alike – slick, slimy and bendy with the truth (shame). We had a mixture of practical talks on how to be a good account exec (exceptional attention to detail, competitive reviewing, knowing the client’s business inside out…) and more theoretical ideas (honesty is key, fight for your opinions, don’t dress like an accountant etc etc). We also had a really insightful chat with Leo’s executive creative director, Justin Tindall, on how best everyone in an agency can work together to produce lasting, popular work. His passion for imaginative populism was clear throughout, and it’s hugely encouraging to see this mantra spreading throughout the whole agency like cat videos on youtube.

Much to the jealousy of the rest of Leo’s, we got to spend Thursday afternoon with Holler – the social media experts and creative digital agency that sits within the Leo B group. The way they can translate strategic insights seamlessly into social media campaigns is astonishing – proof that social media strategy is definitely not just about having twitter hashtags and a facebook page (so they binned my only ideas…) We were set a challenge to come up with a social media campaign using a brief that they’d had a few months back. Tamar and Lewis smashed it and came up with the rough outlines that the client actually bought. Beginners luck? Or proof that the Foundry is hot shit? You decide (by hashtagging #shithotfoundry)…

Finally, the week has also been a great chance to get to know our creative team Alex and Lewis a bit better. I now know that Lewis likes butteries and that Alex is allergic to wheat. Both enjoy limoncello.

It’s the little things that count.



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