Planning Week

Last week we were offered a glimpse into the world of the Planner, spending time with various shining lights from the best department in the building (repping planning fo’ life yo) in order to learn the ropes. Sessions on Insights, Brand Purpose and Research shed a great deal of light on the day-to-day role of a planner. They demonstrated how the client brief, research and observation are all manipulated into an original communications strategy. We spent time focusing on the Creative Brief in order to fully understand the delicate process in which all aspects of this strategy are distilled into a succinct but powerful dose of pure inspiration, designed to spur a creative team to the production of super-effective, multi award-winning work. Or that’s the idea anyway. We’ve been given a hypothetical brief for some work for Freeview, in order to hone our skills before the real thing.

Alongside planning week, we also took part in a shopper marketing exercise. We each assumed an alter ego and were sent on a covert shopping mission to analyse how our purchasing decisions were influenced by in-store marketing activity. The power of these discounts and end-of-aisle promotions were terrifyingly demonstrated by their influence on the questionable decision made by our Chris (in the guise of a busy mother of two) to buy his infant children an 8 pack of full-sugar Coke for a schoolnight treat. Parenting win.

Sadly our fledgling Foundry family was torn asunder for the second half of the week, as Tamar succumbed to a dreaded winter virus. Chris, Alex, Lewis and myself found this particularly difficult, as we were forced to struggle on without Tamar’s daily updates on the latest news from the Africa Cup of Nations. She says: ‘Aubameyang … lol.’

– Charlie


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