Being Creative…

Last week was the first half of a fortnight’s introduction to the Creative Department here at Leo’s. Having spent the previous week forging a creative brief for our make-believe Freeview project, this week we were instructed to don our Creative caps and get to work. We will be working from our own brief to put together an idea for a campaign, and scripting and writing our own executions and adverts. Needless to say, we’ve already come up with pure gold. This creativity lark is easy. Alex and Lewis keep looking over their shoulders nervously, I think they feel threatened.

Artist's impression of Chris, Tamar and Charlie after two weeks as creatives...

In order to help us along (and hopefully prevent us from embarrasing ourselves too much when it comes to presentation time) we have been lucky enough to rub shoulders with some of the creative powerhouses here in the office. Thankfully Graham and Rich, creative directors on the Freeview account, will be helping us throught the creative development process for our project (i.e trying not to laugh at our ideas, whilst we are in the room at least).

We also got to meet up with Creative Directors Tony and Guy, one of the legendary teams here at Leo Burnett. After founding a worldwide hair-dressing empire (no, not really) the pair went on to create legendary ads such as Nike’s Parklife and McDonald’s Drive Thru. The fruits of this labour can be seen in the crampt conditions atop their windowsills, where awards of every kind compete for space.

Not these chaps...

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to be taken along to a studio to observe a photoshoot for a piece of work we are making for the Renaissance Photography Prize. The competition raises money to support younger women with breast cancer, and can be entered by professionals and amateurs alike. As you might expect of posters publicising a photography contest, the creative work is absolutely beautiful. It was my duty to film the shoot, so I’ll upload some cotent when it’s all sorted. It was great to meet Julia Fullerton-Batten, the photographer for the shoot, and to get an insight into the workings of a day in the studio (lots of cups of tea). The work is on the verge of completion, so we’ll update the blog when there’s something final for you to have a look at.

– Charlie



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