Faces for Radio…

So… another weekly report from us here at the Foundry.

As our days of training come to an end, I have been launched into the maelstrom of my account. My role now consists of  creepily following Ross, one of our Senior Planners, everywhere he goes. I am working on Procter & Gamble Hard Surface Cleaners, so primarily Flash and Mr. Clean. Luckily for me, Leo’s are currently in the middle of a pitch for some new business, for which Ross is handling planning. As a result, I’m getting involved on a new business pitch as one of my first projects, which is an amazing way to start work as a planner. Wish us luck!

Aside from account work, we have various other exciting activities to get on with. On Wednesday, the time finally came for us to ‘drop the (proverbial) bomb’ and reveal our ground-breaking creative ideas for Freeview. In the end we narrowed our plethora of ideas down to three, each more mind-blowingly innovative than the last. The Freeview team (including Rich and Graham, creative directors) managed to restrain their fits of laughter (at least until we had left the room). In fact, they maintained polite smiles and nodding heads throughout, eventually deciding that at least one of our ideas ‘had legs’ and could make a solid start to campaign. However, you could sense a tangible wave of relief wash over Rich and Graham as we confirmed that none of us are intending to transfer into the creative department any time soon. I think they were just playing hard-to-get, whilst they steal all our ideas.

Executive Creative Directors of the future...

The whole Foundry team enjoyed a day out on Thursday, as we paid a visit to the RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau). We spent the morning at the RAB headquarters, learning about the opportunities and benefits of radio advertising, and listening to a particularly entertaining and idiosyncratic presentation from Martin Sims, MD of Eardrum. He demonstrated the creative and emotional opportunities offered by a good radio ad, defending a medium which is often overlooked and under valued. In the afternoon we were taken to the Global Radio offices, where we worked on a brief, wrote a script for a promo ad, and recorded our own Voice Over. Needless to say, Chris ‘Smooth As Syrup’ Ferguson is now considering a career move.  Listen here:

We were also given a tour of the building, sticking our heads into the studios of Capital FM, Choice, Heart, XFM, Classic FM, and LBC. They seemed nonplussed by my demands to be introduced to Tim ‘The Big Dog’ Westwood…

Following a tiring day we all enjoyed a few well-earned drinks in Covent Garden. On an unrelated note, Chris had an unfortunate incident with a pesky night bus, which tricked him into paying a visit to Richmond Bus Terminus in the early hours of the morning… Chris does not live in Richmond. Coincidentally, Alex experienced a similar phenomenon on the same night, but his destination of choice was Edgware… Alex does not live in Edgware.

Young Westwood - Apparently not an employee of Global Radio...


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