The Final Countdown

On Monday the Foundry ‘rolled as one’ over to the Cavendish Hotel on Jermyn Street. This wasn’t some kind of mass rendezvous on expenses, but was instead for a training day with the Newspaper Marketing Agency. It was led by two, amiable, ex-JWT Scots (Rhona and Dave) who kicked off the day by insisting they weren’t married. After a nice opening where they finished each other’s sentences, we delved straight into some talks about the continuing powers of advertising in print.

Without going into too much detail, their role is to provide the most authoritative audience research of 260 British newspapers and magazines, and the day certainly proved that print is not a dead medium for advertisers. This broadly centred on the fact that audiences could be really specifically targeted, as certain types of people tend to read certain types of magazines. Fun Fact: Tamar’s secret fave, The Daily Mail, is the most widely read paper in the World. Their reportage of a certain Mr. Balotelli’s antics clearly does wonders for its global appeal.


This isn't Balotelli struggling to put on a bib. It's Tamar, secretly reading the Daily Mail inside a really stylish jacket.

We also had two guest speakers, the first being Craig from the National Readership Survey team. He talked us through the service that they provide –designing a huge amount of surveys for Ipsos Mori to go and ask people questions, then translating this data into manageable chunks for us agency folk to make sense of.

Chris Bulezuik from The Telegraph was the second of the guest speakers, and he spent time talking us through all of the different ways that newspapers can be used to hold advertising – everything from translucent cover wraps to giving away 3D glasses to view half page ads in another dimension. This was designed to get the creative juices flowing, and the afternoon session was spent split up into groups to solve some hypothetical media briefs.  Tamar and Alex’s team set themselves apart from the others by not just talking about translucent cover wraps and giving away 3D glasses. They showed real brand insight and presented some work which targeted their audience really well. Charlie and I had our campaign labelled as ‘very creative’. Lewis and his group… had a nice day out.


3D Glasses. Not always the answer to a great print campaign...

On a plus point, THIS TIME both Alex and I made it home without falling asleep on public transport. Solid work.

The rest of the week has moved like the speed of me on my new push bike (really, really fast). The Foundry have been set some juicy work to help with a new biz pitch, and we all got our first taste of sitting behind the mirrored glass watching some research groups answer some questions. The other highlights of the week were Tamar and I finding out what accounts we’ll be working on (McDonalds and Freeview respectively) and me eating a whole chicken at lunch.


An unrelated photo of me looking a little poule after a huge lunch. (I was desperate to get that gag in.)


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