Planning or Account Management?

No two days of a job in advertising will ever be the same. No two people you meet in an agency will ever be the same; it’s all part of the fun. That said, sometimes it’s nice to have some guidelines. Here is our attempt at distilling the essence of advertising, account management and planning into 5 short lines. It won’t tell you everything but it might get you started, particularly if you’re thinking of applying for our Grad Scheme.

Advertising is…

“Making great ideas happen”

“Being curious”

“Thinking linearly and laterally”

“Emotional intelligence”

“Never taking yourself too seriously”

I think this guy was a creative in the 70’s…


Account Management is…

“Understanding clients’ business”

“The devil in the detail”

“Being resourceful and resilient”

“Wearing many hats”

“Building and maintaining relationships”

Low ceilings were this account manager’s biggest gripe.

Planning is…

“All about the consumer”

“Elusive insights”

“Simplifying the complex”

“Making work that works”

“Trend spotting”

Trend spotting: bowler hats are clearly making a comeback.

Hopefully this will help point you in the right direction if you’re unsure which discipline is most up your street!

The Foundry application form can be found here:!/pages/The-Foundry-Leo-Burnett/113210992066347?sk=app_355010261251318


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