So, here we are, another year of the Foundry!
We are all very excited to begin our time here at Leo’s, so watch this space to find out what we’ve been getting up to throughout our first few weeks…
In the mean time, let us introduce ourselves:

Firstly though, here’s the introductions:


Jon, 22.

Account Management.

Bristol University Drama graduate 2012.

Previously worked at Wilhelmina Models NYC and Johnny Fearless London.

Phobia of raisins.

Loves Robin Williams. Not Robbie.

Auditioned for Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.


Verity Evans, 23.

Business Graduate, King’s College London.

Account Manager.

Interned at Omnicom Media Group & EMI Records.

Cheese over chocolate.

Spent the last year working in China, sweating across India, skydiving in New Zealand and winning burger eating competitions in Seattle.


Jamie lives with his head in the clouds, both literally (he is 6’5) and metaphorically (he recently finished a Theology degree at Oxford).

He is a mediocre, but persistent, theatre director (42 shows to-date).

Superpowers include an ability to see in the light and to turn water into squash.


Leo, 22, studied Philosophy and Theology at Jesus College, Oxford.

Currently extremely tanned after a year of travelling.

Turned to advertising after neglecting his creative side in a dalliance with law school.

Enjoys playing the harmonica, providing obscure answers.

Originally from Devon.

Has loved his first week of living in London.


Elliott. 22.

Creative- Writer.

Graduated from Lincoln June 12’.

Placements at BMB, The Corner and adam&eveDDB.

Dogs not cats.

Has been naked in front of over 200 people.

(Looks a little bit like Draco Malfoy)


Laura Louise Suzanne Clark (to be exact). 22.

Art Director

From ‘Hertfordshire’ not Essex.

Graduated with Mr Elliott Starr

One time hand model*

(*for a domestic violence advert, but we don’t talk about that!)


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