Week 2 highlights

Defying all odds, The Foundry team has made it through week 1 without inducing industry-wide meltdown. Indeed, life in Kensington Village is ticking along with metronomic efficiency, and with the help of account presentations from every limb of Leo Burnett, we are just starting to tune in to the beat. 

Week 2 began with Coffee and croissants in Belgravia, but even the excellent patisserie that had lured us so willingly from the office paled in comparison to the brilliant IPA talk that followed. We were lectured on the psychology of client-agency interactions and ways of remedying an unhealthy working relationship – very practical and interesting stuff. As the first of many IPA talks that the grad-scheme lays on, it won’t be long until both minds and waistlines are significantly expanded. 
On Tuesday, we researched and assembled a presentation on the link between memory and emotion. The task revealed worrying levels of Foundry-wide linguistic fetishism – a particularly apt example of this was debuting the term ‘nutshellification’ in front of the McDonald’s chief strategist – eloquent stuff.  
Later in the week, we met our mentor/presentation coach Louise Wall, who asked us to present for five minutes on a subject of our choice. Leo reminisced over his love affair with the harmonica; Jon waxed lyrical about graphic design and octopi; Verity pondered the powers of non-verbal communication, and I indulged in my favourite pastime: droning on at length about myself to a sea of vacant stares. These are just brief highlights of a busy and exciting five days, perfectly capped off with a few well-earned drinks in the Leo’s bar. A great week.



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