Big Issue Side Project

In campaign magazine a couple of weeks ago, we saw a brief to create/design Big Issue vendors a shelter to sell from.

Myself and Elliott started to think about what we could do, when we realised we didn’t have to build anything at all!

Instead we thought why not use something that already exists.
Why not use telephone boxes!

Only 3% of the UK population used a telephone box in May 2013…
… creating 41,000 redundant phone boxes.

Meaning there’s more than enough for the 2,200 unsheltered Big Issue vendors.

So we proposed; keeping the nostalgic red but adding some Big Issue White to help make them stand out again on the high street. Then, we replaced the windows in the door with holders for the magazines.

Therefore giving vendors a sheltered space to sell from, at a minimal cost.

And it gives the phone box a valid use on the high street again.

I decided to buy a Big Issue the other day, without even thinking about the competition, only to find our entry printed inside.

A nice little reminder that side projects are good!




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