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A huge congratulations to everyone who made it through to the first round of interviews for The Foundry 2014! We are very excited to meet you and wish you the best of luck at this stage. Below are our top tips for interview – as we have done this ourselves we appreciate how nerve-racking and daunting the experience may seem. Just try to enjoy yourself and remember this is your chance to show Leo Burnett your enthusiasm for wanting to join the advertising industry! If you have any further questions please drop us a Facebook message and we will do our best to answer your queries. 

    1. Dress Code

The dress code at Leo Burnett is smart casual, so you can leave your suit and tie at home; but this also doesn’t mean come in Ugg boots and a onesie.  A shirt/blouse and jeans/trousers should do it, top it off with your favourite smart shoes and big smile.

    2. Know the industry

Read-up on all the industry blogs and websites you can get your hands on. Campaign, Adweek, Brand Republic and David Reviews are all good to get you up to speed. Try to compile a mental list of your favourite ads and why you think they are effective, try to do the same for ads you don’t think work also.

    3. Know Leo’s

Read-up on everything Leo Burnett. Get to know our clients and have an opinion on our creative work.  Read up on the Leo Burnett UK website and Facebook page, as well as watching our ads on YouTube and keeping an eye out for us on industry news.

   4. Know The Foundry

Although you are coming for an interview at Leo Burnett; you are also coming for an interview to join The Foundry 2014! Know what interests you about The Foundry and why you think you’d be a good candidate. Check out our blog for what we’ve been up to and get familiar with how The Foundry work and who we are.

    5. Finding Us

We must admit that our offices can be tricky to find to newcomers. Just make sure you plan your journey to get here on time. Take in to account all journey routes and possible disruptions. Don’t panic if disaster strikes and you are running late – just give the reception a call on 020 7751 1800 and let them know your circumstances.

    6. What to bring

You are not obliged to bring anything with you on the day. So don’t worry about bringing lots with you in the case of every eventuality (unless of course you’d be happier doing so!)

    7. Relax!

We don’t believe any interview top tips would be complete without saying it. There are no trick questions and we won’t ask you to do anything too outlandish. Don’t believe the horror stories on the internet, there certainly aren’t any spy holes and sniffer dogs. Just smile, be yourself and confident you can demonstrate a passion for advertising and working here. 





The weeks are well and truly flying by at The Foundry! – This week we have been fully introduced to our accounts and our 100 days project is officially under-way. The week started with a mammoth 100 days meeting on Monday afternoon where we all shared our greatest examples of creativity. Tuesday evening we were lucky enough for Rankin to come in to the agency for a Q&A with Justin Tindall – Jon even managed to get a personalised autograph and meet the man himself!

On Thursday The Foundry sat down with Louise Wall and got some great advice on how to move forward with our 100 days project. To ease the process each of us has been allocated a role – Verity will look after the presentation visuals, Leo and Jamie will be lead strategists, Elliott is in charge of quality control, Laura is the team’s coordinator and Jon manages content. Alongside this we have been extremely busy going through all your applications and have made preparations for the first round interviews which will be next week. A massive congratulations to all those who made it through – we can’t wait to meet all of you and help settle your nerves on the day (we can’t believe a year ago we were doing the same thing…) Next week looks set to be a busy one, with everyone working on their accounts, 100 days project only 4 weeks away and all the fresh meat coming in to the agency, Leo Burnett certainly know how to keep us busy!



Yesterday evening we were lucky enough to be joined by world-renowned portrait and fashion photographer, Rankin, here in the agency.

He talked about everything from nudity to Tony Blair, to how he initially trained to be an accountant… 

Jon even got a signed copy of his book!


Firstly, we must apologise for our radio silence- we have been VERY busy over the last month doing a combination of internal and external training, presentations and of course, managing your HUNDREDS of wonderful applications!
So, we’ll try and keep it brief…

Well, let’s begin with the infamous NABs quiz.  Jamie & I embarrassingly were on the losing team (of the WHOLE agency, may I add), but it’s okay as Giles Hedger (Chief Strategy Officer) was by our side, so the 3 of us went down together. The night ended with some wild dancing courtesy of the Leo’s in-house DJ, and a large queue for a full English in the canteen the next morning.

Leo’s have been spoiling us with many external and internal training days. Externally we’ve had an induction to OMD, our media planning and buying agency, a graduate training seminar at the Advertising Standards Authority, an introduction to TV advertising at ThinkBox & an introduction to Newspapers, where we got to hear from the Head of Multimedia at The Guardian about the future of newsbrands.

Ever wondered how we got all those hundreds of balloons to float down the street in the Freeview ads? Well we learnt how at The Moving Picture Company, a specialist creative studio that craft spectacular visual effects in ads and films – think Harry Potter to Pirates of the Caribbean – pretty amazing stuff.

Internally, we had a creative brainstorm training day hosted by a brilliant ex-JWT Planner. We used our new-found skills to brainstorm on some hot-topics, like whether Jon should move from the ends of the earth (Stratford) to somewhere a tad closer to the lovely West Ken, and how Leo can get a 6 pack by motivating himself to cycle to work.

A huge highlight was an animated two day ‘Digital Acceleration Training Seminar’ held in the agency, where we learnt all about the future of the industry.

– Each day, 20% of Google searches have never been done before.
– Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have more Twitter followers than the entire populations of Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Canada, Argentina and Egypt.
– What’s more, babies in Egypt have been called Twitter and Facebook.

We’ve also been treated to some nice little evenings out… A group of us from the agency got to go and watch best-selling author Malcom Gladwell discuss ‘the power of the underdog’ at the Lyceum Theatre, and Leo and I enjoyed hearing journalist and TV presenter Mariella Frostrup discuss gender equality at another inspirational Plan Talk on the Southbank.


In amongst all this, over the past 4 weeks we have been having a stab at ‘playing creative’ on a live brief for Nutri-Grain. It’s safe to say Elliott and Laura have nothing to worry about, but we weren’t laughed out of the presentation room so that’s a plus!

Finally, we got some exciting news… as of next week we all officially begin on our first account rotation; Jamie on McDonald’s, Leo on Flash, Jon is taking on Old Spice and I’ll be joining Team Freeview.


For those of you who applied to The Foundry 2014, you should expect to hear back by the end of next week.

Have a lovely, lovely weekend!


Our last few weeks…

Big Issue Side Project

In campaign magazine a couple of weeks ago, we saw a brief to create/design Big Issue vendors a shelter to sell from.

Myself and Elliott started to think about what we could do, when we realised we didn’t have to build anything at all!

Instead we thought why not use something that already exists.
Why not use telephone boxes!

Only 3% of the UK population used a telephone box in May 2013…
… creating 41,000 redundant phone boxes.

Meaning there’s more than enough for the 2,200 unsheltered Big Issue vendors.

So we proposed; keeping the nostalgic red but adding some Big Issue White to help make them stand out again on the high street. Then, we replaced the windows in the door with holders for the magazines.

Therefore giving vendors a sheltered space to sell from, at a minimal cost.

And it gives the phone box a valid use on the high street again.

I decided to buy a Big Issue the other day, without even thinking about the competition, only to find our entry printed inside.

A nice little reminder that side projects are good!



11 days and counting….

11 days to get your applications in!!!
Here’s some other key dates for your diaries

Foundry Calendar Facebook 2014


Another great week has flown by here at the Foundry.

The creative team have been to a voice recording (we would tell you more but then we’d have to kill you!).

The rest of the team went for a great talk at RAB (radio advertising bureau) where they spoke about the importance of radio advertising. This was then followed by a quick session at Absolute radio.

We’ve all been putting our minds together in order to think about what clients we want to approach in the future and how we’re going to brand ourselves.

Finally, we were lucky enough to see the visual delights of Bompas and Parr, followed by the mind boggling quiz to raise money for NABS.

All in all, another great week.



This week we’ve been doing some brainstorms about what clients we would like to get and what the ethos of The Foundry is going to be this year. All very exciting stuff!




This was the mood in the Foundry this week.

Pensive. Professional. Requiring tea.

Because this week, we’ve started thinking about the sort of agency we want to be.

What do we collectively believe in?

What sort of work do we want to make?

What clients do we want to target?

What have we got, that clients want, that other agencies haven’t?

Very exciting.

But it requires a bit of street smarts.

It’s easy to say “We can do anything!”

But that’s not smart business. 

Smart business is us figuring out what we’ve got, that clients want, that other agencies haven’t. 

And being that we’ve all just started out, that’s going to take some thinking…