Class of ’12

Well hello there! We are the new grads taking charge of the Foundry here at Leo’s, and we hear it’s always polite to introduce one’s self.

We’ve also managed to swindle the password for the Foundry blog, and will be taking control of it from here on in. We don’t want it to be a dull grad page that only springs into action when the applications are running. We want it to be a genuinely insightful/amusing/painful skylight into the loft of our existence. We’ll provide a blow-by-blow account of all the ordeals we undergo on the path to creating the most influential start-up agency in history. There’ll be tips and tricks about the industry for those that don’t work in it yet. A few hints here and there about how to ace an interview. Things not to do in front of clients….

Hope it’s useful. Don’t be a stranger now.

Charlie, Chris and Tamar

Whoz dis?

Charlie Gent

Charlie, 22, our resident strategic visionary, has been inducted into the Foundry to master the mysterious art of Planning.

He spent 3 years at Bristol University, studying History in preparation for the imminent discovery of affordable time-travel, set on a career as ‘Master of the Past’. Due to unforeseen setbacks in the progress of physics, he put this plan on hold and entered the fast-paced world of Experiential Marketing and Music events; spending 6 months working on exotic projects as far afield as Milton Keynes, Plymouth and North Acton. Ravaged by the exhausting lifestyle of a jet-set events guru, he was relieved to secure his dream job at Leo Burnett and finally settle down.

His top three interests are: Hobbies, Pastimes and Activities.


Chris Ferguson

Chris, 22, an English graduate from Leeds Uni on his 7th draft of this introduction paragraph – each of the last being rejected on account of them not being useful, helpful, funny or true. He’s originally from Birmingham, a place little known by Londoners, famed for a bronze bull and Jasper Carrot. His first few weeks have been a hard adjustment to London life, having to pay 4 times the amount for a beer and learning not to talk to strangers on public transport.

After two work experience placements and an internship stint with some fierce rivals across the industry, he’s finally found an agency that serves a full English breakfast every morning. The opportunity to work with exciting start-up businesses is unique to the Leo grad scheme, and it was this chance to run our own projects which really enticed him to all things Foundry. He’s looking forward to being the Foundry’s equivalent of Mr. Motivator – lycra work wear and dodgy facial hair.


Tamar Lawson

Tamar, 23, from the badlands of Ipswich. Having just returned from a few months in Beijing, where she ate an unhealthy amount of noodles and MSG, is liable to have a complete tantrum if taken within 50 yards of a karaoke bar ever, ever again.

Studied English and Philosophy at Bristol, which has proved really useful and relevant only in select parts of pub quizzes and 1/6th of Trivial Pursuit. One day hopes to again indulge her small but aggressive obsession with theatre, which has so far allowed her to tell underpaid actors in several cities exactly why they are wrong, and then claim all the glory for herself/lay blame on overpaid actors.

Endlessly fascinated by the antics of Mario Balotelli and the muscles of Jodie Marsh.


Alex Moore

This is Alex. He is from Hampstead, which is east of West Hampstead, and south of Brent Cross.
He went to Leeds Uni to study fine art. He set up a cult called the Denmasons and studied for a year in an attempt to become psychic. The results were varied.

He loves Arsenal, art, noodles, crappy movies, great movies, and Stella.

Oh and he’s half French, and quite posh.

Check out his twitter if you don’t believe me


Lewis Beaton

This is Lewis. He is from Selby, which is east of Leeds, and south of York.
He went to Bolton Uni to study graphic design. He learnt his craft but thought Bolton was a dive.

He loves photography, Oasis, meat based pies, Lucozade, weird stuff on the internet, casual gaming, ginger beer and Stella.

Oh and he’s ginger, and likes to dance the robot.

Check his twitter if you don’t believe me


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