Class of ’11

Here we are, the fresh batch of grads, now taking charge of the Leo Burnett Grad Blog, Twitter and Facebook. If you’re keen to get to know a bit about us, you can have a quick read through our bits below – hope you enjoy the blog and if you want to get in touch, you can drop us a line, join our Fan Page or  send 140 characters our way @LeoGradsLondon.



Lorna Burt (21) After finishing her degree (Politics) and deciding being a politician looked really boring Lorna instead thought going on a three month extended holiday seemed like a better idea. So she did. Whilst eating her way around South America she conducted a fraught and forehead-full Skype interview, the result of which is this blog post. Main activities include snacking, throwing clothes around her bedroom and wasting time on Whatsapp.

Beth Watts (23) is a Geography graduate from Manchester University. After graduating she ventured off to Costa Rica for a few months to soak up some sun and do some voluntary work with Raleigh International. On returning home, after a brief stint in advertising and PR she realised the world of advertising was where she belonged (and is ridiculously excited about having now found a home at Leo’s). She has an unhealthy obsession with floral print and expensive bags she can’t afford, would be lost without her running shoes and drinks far too much coffee.

Angus Maclay (22) Following a protracted flirtation with The Law, taking him to The Hague and back, Angus decided that protecting the ‘little guy’ wasn’t for him and that he would much rather try and sell them stuff instead (jokes) . The self-professed ‘iron fist within a velvet glove’, Angus’s interests include long walks on the beach and dinner by candlelight. Has a weakness for Scottish football, for which he’s ever the blind optimist. Whilst Lorna and Beth will be diligently keeping you updated of all grad/agency/industry/cultural goings-on via our blog/facebook/twitter; he’ll be the one posting videos of monkeys and people falling over.


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