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Week 5 – they really weren’t kidding when they said wear comfortable shoes! Venturing up onto the 4th floor, we spent the week shadowing Leo’s lovely Project Managers. It took us less than a day of awkward hovering/stalking to realise their fundamental importance within the agency; not only do they oversee all creative development and workflow, but they seamlessly allocate all agency resources, leasing with almost every department in the business.

Alongside our mentors we literally raced around the office checking PO’s in finance, finalising logos in design and reviewing artwork with the top Creatives in the business. We dabbled in Art Buying, met with Germaine Walker- a producer come photographer’s agent, observed the thrills of a live Kellogg’s brief and sipped champagne & strawberries in the end of week workflow meeting.

Meanwhile, as part of her quest to turn each member of The Foundry into the next Steve Jobs, Louise Wall requested we each do a 10 minute business presentation on a topic of our choice. Leo pondered over business ethics, Jon held a mock ‘chemistry meeting’ between The Foundry & the National Trust, Jamie took us back to the Wild West to discuss the future of the music industry and I handed out nibbles whilst analysing the ‘Graze box’ phenomenon… While Steve Jobs may be ambitious, I hope she was suitably impressed!

We rounded off the week with a trip to jolly North Greenwich to take a tour of SMP printing-house. Basking in awe at the sheer number of giant printers (worth in excess of £1.5 million, each!), we were able to see first-hand where 60% of the UKs print advertising is done.

SMP Printers

SMP Printers

SMP Printers 

Next stop was Tangent on Demand, a bespoke, underground printing-house just off Oxford St, where a team of digital experts work round the clock to deliver custom prints on anything from sandpaper to Perspex. As a souvenir, we were each donned with a ‘Pitch Survival Pack’, full of ample energy drinks, note pads, Pro Plus and Berocca, which now has a nice little home under my desk for the inevitable Foundry all-nighter…

Pitch Survival courtesy of Tangent on Demand

Pitch Survival courtesy of Tangent on Demand

Probably our busiest and most informative week to date, watch this space to find out how we handle playing planner /creative in next week’s Nutrigrain brief…

Finally, good luck with your applications, and if you have any questions do get in touch as we are happy to help!




How does advertising connect with consumers? This week, the Foundry team were introduced to the mysterious art of Planning with fantastic presentations on subjects ranging from research methods to writing a brief to ‘what is an insight?’ Jamie even attended a qualitative research training day, which he described as “quality”. And the whole team enjoyed extracting insights from data comparing levels of vanity across a number of industries, including advertising.

We also got out of the office to observe the in-store experience by doing some role-play shopping; Jamie as a mother of three called ‘Nikki’, Verity as a sixty-year old married couple called ‘Roy and Joan’, Jon as a student called ‘Jon’, and Leo as a young professional shopping for a present for his mother. Leo’s mother perhaps gained most from the task, but we all certainly had a jolly time.

Lastly, we’ve been getting very excited about applications opening TODAY! Good luck from the Foundry team, and please get in touch via Facebook if you have any questions.



This week The Foundry have been thrust in to the world of account management; learning the ins-and-outs and dos- and-don’ts of the account side of the business. The week began with a nice ’n’ early 8:00am breakfast meeting where the Head of Client Services shared with us his ‘bible to account handling’ (With eggs and bacon provided to help us ease in to the morning).  With our account management heads on, we spent much of the week training and meeting important folk to really learn the nuts and bolts of the job; not forgetting another trip to McDonald’s to help out on an emergency test shoot.

On Wednesday we ventured outside of West Kensington and spent the day learning about advertising regulations with Clearcast in Russell Square (which mainly consisted of watching banned ads!) The day gave us the opportunity to mingle with other agency grads such as McCann and 18 Feet & Rising to name a few; and after a few light beers at lunch, people’s ability to judge the appropriateness of Kerry Katona sponsoring pay day loans certainly became skewed.

The week was rounded up with a pep talk from Leo Love (the charity hub within Leo’s where employees are encouraged to take time out of their hectic schedule to get involved in a project) and another session focused on ‘giving feedback’ by the feisty Louise Wall – all in all another successful week at The Foundry!


Collecting our Clearcast certificates

Collecting our Clearcast certificates

Week 2 highlights

Defying all odds, The Foundry team has made it through week 1 without inducing industry-wide meltdown. Indeed, life in Kensington Village is ticking along with metronomic efficiency, and with the help of account presentations from every limb of Leo Burnett, we are just starting to tune in to the beat. 

Week 2 began with Coffee and croissants in Belgravia, but even the excellent patisserie that had lured us so willingly from the office paled in comparison to the brilliant IPA talk that followed. We were lectured on the psychology of client-agency interactions and ways of remedying an unhealthy working relationship – very practical and interesting stuff. As the first of many IPA talks that the grad-scheme lays on, it won’t be long until both minds and waistlines are significantly expanded. 
On Tuesday, we researched and assembled a presentation on the link between memory and emotion. The task revealed worrying levels of Foundry-wide linguistic fetishism – a particularly apt example of this was debuting the term ‘nutshellification’ in front of the McDonald’s chief strategist – eloquent stuff.  
Later in the week, we met our mentor/presentation coach Louise Wall, who asked us to present for five minutes on a subject of our choice. Leo reminisced over his love affair with the harmonica; Jon waxed lyrical about graphic design and octopi; Verity pondered the powers of non-verbal communication, and I indulged in my favourite pastime: droning on at length about myself to a sea of vacant stares. These are just brief highlights of a busy and exciting five days, perfectly capped off with a few well-earned drinks in the Leo’s bar. A great week.


First week highlights

Our first week at Leo’s has consisted of several inspirational meetings with the Executive Committee; learning how Leo Burnett’s Beauty division Atelier won the nation over with Nicole #ScherzingHair, 16 Big Macs and a few dozen fries, an IPA test to see how ‘diagonal’ we think and some very exciting discussions surrounding The Foundry’s future!

If you’d like to take the IPA’s diagonal thinking test yourself then have a go on the link below and let us know your score on The Foundry Facebook page!

IPA Diagonal Thinking Test


So, here we are, another year of the Foundry!
We are all very excited to begin our time here at Leo’s, so watch this space to find out what we’ve been getting up to throughout our first few weeks…
In the mean time, let us introduce ourselves:

Firstly though, here’s the introductions:


Jon, 22.

Account Management.

Bristol University Drama graduate 2012.

Previously worked at Wilhelmina Models NYC and Johnny Fearless London.

Phobia of raisins.

Loves Robin Williams. Not Robbie.

Auditioned for Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.


Verity Evans, 23.

Business Graduate, King’s College London.

Account Manager.

Interned at Omnicom Media Group & EMI Records.

Cheese over chocolate.

Spent the last year working in China, sweating across India, skydiving in New Zealand and winning burger eating competitions in Seattle.


Jamie lives with his head in the clouds, both literally (he is 6’5) and metaphorically (he recently finished a Theology degree at Oxford).

He is a mediocre, but persistent, theatre director (42 shows to-date).

Superpowers include an ability to see in the light and to turn water into squash.


Leo, 22, studied Philosophy and Theology at Jesus College, Oxford.

Currently extremely tanned after a year of travelling.

Turned to advertising after neglecting his creative side in a dalliance with law school.

Enjoys playing the harmonica, providing obscure answers.

Originally from Devon.

Has loved his first week of living in London.


Elliott. 22.

Creative- Writer.

Graduated from Lincoln June 12’.

Placements at BMB, The Corner and adam&eveDDB.

Dogs not cats.

Has been naked in front of over 200 people.

(Looks a little bit like Draco Malfoy)


Laura Louise Suzanne Clark (to be exact). 22.

Art Director

From ‘Hertfordshire’ not Essex.

Graduated with Mr Elliott Starr

One time hand model*

(*for a domestic violence advert, but we don’t talk about that!)

The virtues of the IPA ad school (from an insider)

IPA Ad schoolers 2012

IPA Ad schoolers 2012

Hi! My name’s Matthew! I’m an Account Executive in Atelier, a division of Leo Burnett handling luxury and fashion accounts. But 12 months ago, I was in your position, deciding whether or not to apply to the IPA Ad School.

My advice is GO FOR IT! It’s really an incredible scheme. It’s rare that you get to experience a role within the agency in so much depth, and the lectures and Ad School events provide an insight into the most exciting areas of the industry.

To prove it, I’ve dug out an embarrassingly enthusiastic blog I wrote last summer, that will give you an insight into the day-to-day experience of the internship

On my first day at Leo Burnett, no sooner had I grabbed an apple from the front desk, than I was sat in a winged armchair with the MD and UK CEO, discussing Cecil Beaton, website design and the future of advertising. I left the office with a great understanding of the firm’s future direction, but no idea of how to get home!

Over the rest of the week I filled in the gaps, meeting leaders from the account management, planning and creative departments, and being introduced to the various brands within Leo Burnett: Atelier for luxury, Holler for digital and Lime for experiential. Propelled by loosed butterflies and inspiration, I shot down the Piccadilly Line to the IPA to meet the fellow grads. The learning curve continued to soar as I heard from the IPA’s membership director John Oldfield, as well as the Ad School founders and past attendees.

The rest of the week was a maelstrom of meetings, research, Q&As and training. On Wednesday, the fellow AdSchoolers came to Leo’s for a presentation by Chris Jackson on how to find a job in advertising. Reminded that being nice is central to success in a people-focussed industry, we stayed at the Leo Burnett bar until closing, enjoying the friendly culture and cheap pints.

I was learning fast. On Wednesday I had laughed fleetingly at what I thought to be a vandalised Go Compare billboard outside Earl’s Court station. Leaving the work bar on Friday night, I glanced back up at it and discussed VCCP’s decision to kill off Gio Compario, the limitations of his character, and the comparative complexity of Aleksandr Orlov, whose autobiography was my reading for the tube home.

Matthew Brown

Graduate Open Evening

6pm – 8pm Tuesday 16th October 2012

If you’ve checked out our brand spanking new Foundry Film and want to know more about The Foundry and what life is like here at Leo Burnett, we’ll be hosting an open evening on Tuesday 16th October. This is your opportunity to have a nose around the agency as well as mingle with current Burnetters. You’ll also hear more about the Leo Burnett Group, our unique offering to talent as well as exactly what you can expect from The Foundry 2013.

This is your chance to come and meet us and ask any burning questions – to everyone from the CEO to our current Grads.

Demand is high, so advance booking is essential. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. For further details and to book a place please RSVP via private message on Facebook.

Drinks start at 6pm – hope to see you then!

Planning or Account Management?

No two days of a job in advertising will ever be the same. No two people you meet in an agency will ever be the same; it’s all part of the fun. That said, sometimes it’s nice to have some guidelines. Here is our attempt at distilling the essence of advertising, account management and planning into 5 short lines. It won’t tell you everything but it might get you started, particularly if you’re thinking of applying for our Grad Scheme.

Advertising is…

“Making great ideas happen”

“Being curious”

“Thinking linearly and laterally”

“Emotional intelligence”

“Never taking yourself too seriously”

I think this guy was a creative in the 70’s…


Account Management is…

“Understanding clients’ business”

“The devil in the detail”

“Being resourceful and resilient”

“Wearing many hats”

“Building and maintaining relationships”

Low ceilings were this account manager’s biggest gripe.

Planning is…

“All about the consumer”

“Elusive insights”

“Simplifying the complex”

“Making work that works”

“Trend spotting”

Trend spotting: bowler hats are clearly making a comeback.

Hopefully this will help point you in the right direction if you’re unsure which discipline is most up your street!

The Foundry application form can be found here:!/pages/The-Foundry-Leo-Burnett/113210992066347?sk=app_355010261251318