Firstly, we must apologise for our radio silence- we have been VERY busy over the last month doing a combination of internal and external training, presentations and of course, managing your HUNDREDS of wonderful applications!
So, we’ll try and keep it brief…

Well, let’s begin with the infamous NABs quiz.  Jamie & I embarrassingly were on the losing team (of the WHOLE agency, may I add), but it’s okay as Giles Hedger (Chief Strategy Officer) was by our side, so the 3 of us went down together. The night ended with some wild dancing courtesy of the Leo’s in-house DJ, and a large queue for a full English in the canteen the next morning.

Leo’s have been spoiling us with many external and internal training days. Externally we’ve had an induction to OMD, our media planning and buying agency, a graduate training seminar at the Advertising Standards Authority, an introduction to TV advertising at ThinkBox & an introduction to Newspapers, where we got to hear from the Head of Multimedia at The Guardian about the future of newsbrands.

Ever wondered how we got all those hundreds of balloons to float down the street in the Freeview ads? Well we learnt how at The Moving Picture Company, a specialist creative studio that craft spectacular visual effects in ads and films – think Harry Potter to Pirates of the Caribbean – pretty amazing stuff.

Internally, we had a creative brainstorm training day hosted by a brilliant ex-JWT Planner. We used our new-found skills to brainstorm on some hot-topics, like whether Jon should move from the ends of the earth (Stratford) to somewhere a tad closer to the lovely West Ken, and how Leo can get a 6 pack by motivating himself to cycle to work.

A huge highlight was an animated two day ‘Digital Acceleration Training Seminar’ held in the agency, where we learnt all about the future of the industry.

– Each day, 20% of Google searches have never been done before.
– Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have more Twitter followers than the entire populations of Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Canada, Argentina and Egypt.
– What’s more, babies in Egypt have been called Twitter and Facebook.

We’ve also been treated to some nice little evenings out… A group of us from the agency got to go and watch best-selling author Malcom Gladwell discuss ‘the power of the underdog’ at the Lyceum Theatre, and Leo and I enjoyed hearing journalist and TV presenter Mariella Frostrup discuss gender equality at another inspirational Plan Talk on the Southbank.


In amongst all this, over the past 4 weeks we have been having a stab at ‘playing creative’ on a live brief for Nutri-Grain. It’s safe to say Elliott and Laura have nothing to worry about, but we weren’t laughed out of the presentation room so that’s a plus!

Finally, we got some exciting news… as of next week we all officially begin on our first account rotation; Jamie on McDonald’s, Leo on Flash, Jon is taking on Old Spice and I’ll be joining Team Freeview.


For those of you who applied to The Foundry 2014, you should expect to hear back by the end of next week.

Have a lovely, lovely weekend!


Our last few weeks…



Week 5 – they really weren’t kidding when they said wear comfortable shoes! Venturing up onto the 4th floor, we spent the week shadowing Leo’s lovely Project Managers. It took us less than a day of awkward hovering/stalking to realise their fundamental importance within the agency; not only do they oversee all creative development and workflow, but they seamlessly allocate all agency resources, leasing with almost every department in the business.

Alongside our mentors we literally raced around the office checking PO’s in finance, finalising logos in design and reviewing artwork with the top Creatives in the business. We dabbled in Art Buying, met with Germaine Walker- a producer come photographer’s agent, observed the thrills of a live Kellogg’s brief and sipped champagne & strawberries in the end of week workflow meeting.

Meanwhile, as part of her quest to turn each member of The Foundry into the next Steve Jobs, Louise Wall requested we each do a 10 minute business presentation on a topic of our choice. Leo pondered over business ethics, Jon held a mock ‘chemistry meeting’ between The Foundry & the National Trust, Jamie took us back to the Wild West to discuss the future of the music industry and I handed out nibbles whilst analysing the ‘Graze box’ phenomenon… While Steve Jobs may be ambitious, I hope she was suitably impressed!

We rounded off the week with a trip to jolly North Greenwich to take a tour of SMP printing-house. Basking in awe at the sheer number of giant printers (worth in excess of £1.5 million, each!), we were able to see first-hand where 60% of the UKs print advertising is done.

SMP Printers

SMP Printers

SMP Printers 

Next stop was Tangent on Demand, a bespoke, underground printing-house just off Oxford St, where a team of digital experts work round the clock to deliver custom prints on anything from sandpaper to Perspex. As a souvenir, we were each donned with a ‘Pitch Survival Pack’, full of ample energy drinks, note pads, Pro Plus and Berocca, which now has a nice little home under my desk for the inevitable Foundry all-nighter…

Pitch Survival courtesy of Tangent on Demand

Pitch Survival courtesy of Tangent on Demand

Probably our busiest and most informative week to date, watch this space to find out how we handle playing planner /creative in next week’s Nutrigrain brief…

Finally, good luck with your applications, and if you have any questions do get in touch as we are happy to help!